Валера испугался проблем и сбежал - Анастасия Ендальцева

We don’t talk anymore. Not because we have nothing to say to each other, but because we have everything to say to each other. There is just so much pain, so many unresolved arguments, things we never said, nights we need to go over...it’s just too much and we need and we are not ready for that. I don’t think we’ll ever be. But maybe if we tried , we could start over. Maybe, we could forget the past and start new life.  #anastasiyayandaltsava #nevergiveup #dom2 #nastya #fashion #designer #tv #reality #rosses #red ❤️ thank you.



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Анастасия Ендальцева

Возраст: 24 года

Родилась: 24 Января 1994

Город: Варшава

На проекте: 19 Марта 2018

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